Stop manual timesheet entries in QuickBooks

If you haven’t already automated consultant direct remote timesheet entry, then you shouldn’t procrastinate on this any longer. It offers IT staffing firms priceless benefits that transform into higher profits, improved productivity, zero-error invoicing, faster invoicing and dispatch (by automated email delivery system), and a host of benefits that extend to doing analytics and acquiring new customers. IT staffing firms will be able to make precise tax liability calculations and get relief from paying high taxes at rates that don’t apply to your bills.

Automating QuickBooks for Streamlining Timesheet Submissions

In QuickBooks you cannot automate remote direct-by-consultant timesheet submission; the only way to do this is to prepare a preformatted timesheet form and then email it to the accounts department. If the form is complex, then expect your consultants to struggle with the submission process and the accounts department to face more than the normal rate of timesheet submission delinquency.

Delinquency can be brought down to the bare minimum if only you are willing to automate the invoicing process using QuickBooks. QuickBooks is not known to accept direct timesheet submissions into the application, but integrating CONSULT (a trusted invoicing application for IT staffing companies) with the accounting application can empower it to access an automated direct consultant timesheet.

CONSULT offers great convenience to accountants who want to increase invoicing and VMS productivity in their department. Accountants fully understand that most problems with manual timesheets end up in a customer invoice with errors. When accountants choose CONSULT, the first benefit that accrues is the time saved and next to the zero-defect validated timesheet. Once the timesheet is properly validated for content, the rest of the processing is near automatic and often invoices can be generated with a few keystrokes, however complex, it may be.

Manual Timesheets Vs CONSULT-enabled QuickBooks Timesheets

Manual consultant timesheet is an age-old practice that is being rapidly discarded by the IT staffing business because it is reputed to be highly inefficient – timesheet submission gets delayed, consultant delinquency goes up, errors are usually on the higher side and does not augur well for machine processing. Manual timesheets have to be processed and validated before they can be entered into QuickBooks. There is still no way to directly import a manual timesheet into the QuickBooks environment.

CONSULT’s automation is total and starts even before a consultant timesheet falls due; it provides for entering consultant billing rate, billable rate, automated discount calculation, validation of data, customer billing date, address and place of delivery; and any other information that is normal to be shown in an invoice.

CONSULT is also a specialist invoicing categorizing tool. It can calculate the right tax rates to apply even if all stakeholders in an invoice are domiciled in different states and with different tax rates. Making this possible is the tried and tested AI-driven technology and the arrays of matrices and algorithms that go into the making of the application.

CONSULT is a cost-effective solution that can increase productivity, bring in zero-tolerance invoicing accuracy and overall empower your staffing company to increase profitability by up to 15%.

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