3 Questions to Ask Before Selecting an Accounts Receivable Automation Tool

The purpose of this blog is to help you choose an accounts receivable automation tool for your IT staffing business. Though it may seem trivial, when you begin to search, you will learn that every smart-talking application developer will promise the sky. Do not get carried away by gimmick features that you will never use. There are few questions to ask yourself before you choose the right software to ensure the best rate of return on what you invest in it. Keep reading; it will potentially help you to choose the best of the lot.

Is the AR automation software I am evaluating especially made for the IT staffing business?

Most of the AR automation software you will come across when you make a search is those that have been developed to match the needs of a vast section of business users. This means the developer is either providing features that confuse you or does not have features specific to IT staffing company requirements. Just see what this means to you:

  • Too complex to master without a learning curve
  • Expensive and requires expert maintenance
  • Requires special hardware and customization
  • Have to buy expensive add-ons and so on

How do you tackle these issues? 

For a worry-free easy-to- use A/R automation tool choose a cloud-based, multi-device, OS-independent application that does not require any installation and is compatible with QuickBooks online. You never have to go through the rigors of training, expensive investment and maintenance routine, new hardware purchase and customization or order any expensive add-ons. The application must be a SaaS so that you can access it anywhere.

Is the AR automation software compatible with my existing accounts receivable automation for QuickBooks?

Every A/R tool requires QuickBooks compatibility because it is the mostly commonly used accounting software. Any application that has to carry out an account receivable function has to use data from within the QuickBooks environment for further processing. Without this compatibility there is no guarantee that the software accomplishes the tasks you assign it. 

How to put an end to the compatibility problem?

Deeply study the application’s documentation; there may be hidden somewhere in fine print asking you to buy additional software or subscribe to a paid service. This means more investments and higher project cost. As a rule make sure that the application can be integrated with QuickBooks without any additional cost. 

Should I buy or subscribe to an automation tool only for A/R operations?

A/R processes in IT staffing business are closely related to invoicing and other activities such as timesheet submission and categorization for tax purposes. So, an only-AR solution does not make sense at all. 

Before ordering compare feature by feature and don’t give a damn about those that have no significance to staffing business.

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