The ‘One-Click Invoicing’ for IT Staffing Business Accountants

Empowering accountants with automation software in IT staffing business should be top priority.

A right type of software will not only bring down unit cost of preparing invoices but also pave the way for accuracy and time saving. The right type of software can cut down invoicing time-spend by a third (65% reduced time consumption) of what it takes normally without a special invoicing automation tool.

CONSULT® is an invoicing automation tool trusted by the staffing industry for producing accurate invoices and allied tasks. It is an add-on especially made for QuickBooks online IT staffing companies that want advanced invoicing automation tool.

Minimizing Work on Invoicing Processing

Accountants should first aim to consolidate all the documents required for invoices where it can be accessed by computers and then processed for producing invoices. Keeping documents in physical filing racks and retrieving for invoicing is an outdated method that doesn’t go well with ‘One-Click Invoicing’ objectives.

CONSULT® has a dashboard that centralizes and consolidates all inputs such as timesheet and tax categorization for producing the invoice. Invoices can be scheduled for automatic processing and dispatching by email in PDF formats.

Benefits of Email Dispatch

CONSULT® was developed to accommodate email dispatch to not only save time but also to make life easier for accountants so that they are able to concentrate on core competencies. The first benefit to accrue is freedom from missing invoice problems that are common in manually written invoices sent by mail service. In hardcopy dispatch, the chances of invoices being misplaced or forgotten are high, compare this with email dispatch: the possibilities are minimized.

Customers (payees) prefer PDF invoices because they are convenient to use in computer processed environment. This means, your bills will be taken up ahead of hardcopy invoices that your competitors are sending.

Accountants’ Perspective

CONSULT® offers accountants a host of enhancements to QuickBooks online invoicing features. Accountants are saved from consolidating information, contract terms, project completion status invoice tax categorization and many other tasks that require special professional knowledge.

True to its capabilities, CONSULT® is a one-click invoicing software that improves organizational efficiency, productivity, faster payment receipts and overall improves cash flow.

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