Integrate CONSULT with QuickBooks for Perfect Invoicing Automation

QuickBooks is the most commonly used accounting software in the IT staffing business with nearly 70% (estimated) market share. However, to enhance its utility in the IT staffing accounting context, it needs an enhancement, especially for automated invoicing which has become a necessity due to its complex nature and increased compliance requirements of customers.

Why Integrate QuickBooks and CONSULT for Invoicing Automation?

Here are a few reasons to embrace the two in the invoicing automation endeavor.

  • It makes complex invoicing work simpler and faster. Potentially, it can cut down the time that accountants spend on a single invoice of moderate complexity by two-third or even more. When QuickBooks and CONSULT are combined with each other, the combination will draw upon each other’s capabilities to generate invoices at a faster rate and accurately.
  • CONSULT is endowed with a special module for remotely collecting timesheets from consultants and subcontractors in an appropriate format directly into the software. This reduces workload on accountants to a great extent thus allowing them to concentrate on core activities. The module also comes handy to send reminders to consultants and subcontractors to submit timesheets in the event of default.
  • QuickBooks is financial accounting software and all bookkeeping activities take place here. CONSULT takes advantage of the financial information contained in QuickBooks to not only generate invoices but also to send reminders to defaulting customers by email to make them pay at the earliest. Once payment is received and the same has been entered into QuickBooks, the reminding process stops and prevents embarrassments.

Integration beyond Invoicing

CONSULT is an application that was especially made to provide additional features to QuickBooks own features. Invoicing is but one of the many features that CONSULT helps to enhance. There are other features too that make the two a formidable accounting application.

VMS (vendor management system) is a CONSULT feature that makes it easy for IT staffing companies to manage their payment system fail-proof. By combining information in the QuickBooks database, VMS can verify and authenticate financial information so that no excess payments are processed for payment. It can save your IT staffing business to plug financial leak points and save tons of money.

The utility of CONSULT doesn’t end here; innovative IT staffing company managers are using it for analyzing payment history of their customers and for customer-acquisition programs that focus on using tax saving as a tool for sourcing resource people.


CONSULT is an invoice automation tool made for QuickBooks and offered as a SaaS for IT staffing companies that want to perfect the invoicing process currently in use. It is a platform independent application that can be used with multiple devices. There is no expensive software to buy and install. All you do is simply order a subscription, integrate with your QuickBooks and begin to use it seamlessly.

Pricing is simple and gives value for money. There is a free version of (with reduced features) that many appreciate.

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