Improve Invoicing Accuracy & Get Paid Faster with CONSULT®

Accurate invoices and getting paid fast are like twin brothers; they go hand in glove. If your invoices are not easily comprehensible, contain errors – wrong math, inaccurate timesheets or any other material defects that are important for customer-side invoice processing, then your bills will be held up until the defects have been set right and the revised invoice is sent.

For your customers, your invoices are not the only to be paid; there will be hundreds if not thousands and each has to be processed thoroughly. When you annex supporting documents even without your customer asking for it, you are considered as proactive and your invoice will receive immediate attention for making out a check.

Using CONSULT® for Smart Invoicing (first-time correct invoices)

Smart Invoicing is the process of writing invoices that leave no space for errors or repeated requests for clarifications. Yet another feature of smart invoicing is dispatching invoices on time; following up invoices for payment and acknowledging receipt of payment. Doing all this manually can cost your IT staffing business dearly, because it takes a lot of human attention to accomplish the objectives.

CONSULT® helps IT staffing businesses with smart-invoicing processing; it cuts circuitous channels in the beginning of the invoicing process itself. It is the preferred invoicing solution of IT staffing business for centralizing all invoicing inputs, programming the invoicing process, dispatching (with annex) invoices digitally (email) following up and finally thanking the customer for successfully sending a payment.

How CONSULT® Helps Customers to Pay Faster

Understanding CONSULT® can help you in understanding the reason why you get paid faster when you use invoicing automation software for IT staffing companies.

  • CONSULT® is designed for exclusive use with QuickBooks Online – the advantage is you don’t have to shop for a different accounting software – link CONSULT® and start to writing automated invoices within minutes
  • CONSULT® is offered as a cloud-based SaaS – saves you from installing any software or program when you change your device – it is a device-independent offering
  • CONSULT® captures data from QuickBooks and writes/prepares invoices, but does not store unnecessary data – it will contain only what you enter through the dashboard
  • CONSULT® offers a centralized dashboard where your consultants and subcontractors can enter timesheets – this way your database is always up to date for preparing invoices

For a comprehensive list of how you can use our software for writing invoices, please visit our features page.

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