How to Handle High Volumes of Invoices in QuickBooks?

IT staffing firms don’t generally generate the same number of invoices on each day of the month. Invoicing volume is generally high during the first week of the month and tapers towards the middle. The pressure to generate high volumes of invoices in the first few days of the week is to ensure that their invoices are placed higher on the payment list and payments are received earlier.

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Handle High Volume Invoicing with CONSULT

IT staffing firms are aware that QuickBooks cannot match the speed or feature requirements needed for smooth invoicing operations in the industry. Since QuickBooks has traditionally been in use, staffing firms continue to use and suffer delays, inaccuracies, and consequently delayed or rejected payment from their customers for various reasons. Staffing firms’ needs are specific and only a dedicated add-on solution such as CONSULT can fully meet all expectations at a competitive price.

When CONSULT is integrated with QuickBooks, invoicing operations are taken over by the add-on solution even as the information in the accounting software is kept unchanged. It uses financial information and enhances the invoicing feature many times. In short, the add-on hives off part of the processes to make high volume invoicing easy and more scientific.

The Advantage of CONSULT and QuickBooks Duo

CONSULT is a computer application that is offered as a cloud-based force-multiply solution that can: capture and store timesheet; consultant, subcontractor and customer details; terms of contracts, domicile information about every stakeholder in the project; tax categorization information and several other critical data that can’t be processed directly by QuickBooks.

In QuickBooks, the invoicing process is initiated by manually extracting information about a project and then calculating the final amount to bill a customer. What IT staffing companies need most but QuickBooks features can’t deliver are: direct timesheet submission from consultants, tax categorization based on project configuration, and automated application of discounts to eligible customers. Since these processes have to be carried out manually if the staffing firm is not using CONSULT, high volume processing cannot be achieved.

Achieving High Productivity

IT staffing firms are reporting 10X productivity in invoice generation when they integrate CONSULT Invoice Automation Software and QuickBooks. Invoicing apart, staffing firms also appreciate many other features that their accounting software doesn’t give them.

What sets CONSULT apart from other online invoicing software is the unique AI design, algorithms and matrices that can handle large volume invoicing without having to feed data every time an invoice is generated. Another major advantage your firm will enjoy is the competitive pricing at $1/Invoice. Offering plans are simple and easy to understand.

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