How Do IT Staffing Companies Automate Invoices?

Automating invoicing within the QuickBooks environment is important for IT staffing companies for generating invoices that are precise and have all the essential requirements as required by the customers. However, the problem with working within the QuickBooks environment and still being compliant with customer prescriptions is not possible.

The options as of now for IT staffing companies with a bare minimum QuickBooks accounting application is to manually extract the information and create an invoice outside QuickBooks and then dispatch it to the customer. Doing the job this way kills the very purpose of automating the invoicing process. However, by adding external software like CONSULT, invoice preparers in IT staffing companies can prepare invoices as specified by the customer without any manual effort.

CONSULT is a highly flexible, feature-rich, and versatile application that can substitute for what QuickBooks can’t give IT staffing companies’ invoicing teams. It is as simple as subscribing to the application and providing credentials to set the invoicing automation process in motion.

With CONSULT, IT staffing companies are able to increase accuracy and productivity in their invoices up multiple times. CONSULT is a cloud-based solution specially made for providing a rich environment for making QuickBooks generate invoices that are complex and time-consuming to do manually. It may surprise you to know that even today with the help of a computer; you will find it difficult to achieve smart automation without software like CONSULT.

Tips for QuickBooks Invoice Automation

Get CONSULT for QuickBooks – QuickBooks is great accounting software, but still lacks IT staffing specific invoicing capabilities. The CONSULT SaaS provider will take care of the integration process with your QuickBooks account. Once this step is completed, you are ready to take off. If you need it, you can request support; it is even otherwise simple and you can configure it by yourself.

After you have the above step completed, you must open the dashboard and have a quick run of the layout – it is no different from the familiar UI you are used to in QuickBooks. At this point don’t be too concerned about each function, when you need to use the features, do a few maneuvering; don’t worry about messing up; you can always get back to where you started.

Populating CONSULT for Saving Time

Begin to populate the dashboard with data. You will be required to enter information like: customer’s name, billing address, contract numbers, billing cycle, consultants hired, project name and completion date, and other information. Please note that once you have provided this information, it will be saved forever (unless you decide to delete it). The advantage is you don’t have to bother with entering the details every time you generate an invoice for a particular customer.

The dashboard is a piece of marvel; and flexible for your working style. For example, if you want to make changes in the middle of a contracted period, you can do that too without causing any confusion. You can take advantage of this feature to ensure contractual compliance is maintained at all times.

From this point, you can start to generate the invoices and experience the big advantage.

We strongly recommend you to ask for a demo from the developers of CONSULT so that you will be able to experience the real power of CONSULT.

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