How does your staffing business handle duplicate invoices from subcontractors?

The best way to handle duplicate invoices from subcontractors is by filtering invoices as soon as it is received. If you are using a manual system, you will have to spend time to ensure whether it is an original invoice or a duplicate. In the inefficient manual system, the accountant will go through all the payments that were made in the past in the QuickBooks application. It will then be matched with project information and invoice number. In spite of all these you are not guaranteed an efficient screen and that is the crux of the matter.

Doing a manual search in a large IT staffing firm will be a waste of time. Though you will discover that the invoice is duplicate, you will have lost a lot of time. If your subcontractor is vending consultants for multiple projects either for a single customer or different customers, the complexities of establishing that the invoice submission is genuine will increase manifold. Manual preprocessing for authenticating a subcontractor’s invoice is not recommended for staffing companies that have a large customer base spread across multiple states with multiple projects and requiring multiple consultant types.

Handle Duplicate Invoices from Sub-Contractors

The solution for handling duplicate invoices from subcontractors is automating the entire operation from timesheet submission up to archiving a project. Archiving should be done only after all reconciliations regarding the project have been completed to the accounts department’s satisfaction.

Which Automation Solution is best for Handling Subcontractor Duplicate Invoices?

Detecting a duplicate invoice requires comparison of multiple documents, payment details as per QuickBooks entries, consultant and subcontractor timesheet submissions. A single mismatch is enough indication that it requires more investigation. In automated invoicing applications, you will be forewarned without any special efforts from your side; initiating payment for a subcontractor is all it takes to detect a duplicate invoice from a subcontractor.

The working of an automated application is only as efficient as the number of features it offers. IT staffing companies prefer CONSULT over any other invoicing automation solution because it comes bundled with all the features a staffing company will want. It can directly receive timesheets in digital format, store contractual details such as billable amount and billing amounts (they are slightly different), every bit of project details such a location, duration, consultant requirements, date of commencement and completion, applicable tax rates, penal fees, performance-based customer invoice discounts inclusive of progressive discounts and invoice specifications as per customer requirements.

Why CONSULT with so Many Features?

It is pertinent to understand that IT staffing companies require a plethora of features to achieve even a single focused task like detecting a duplicate subcontractor invoice and CONSULT invoice automation software has it all in good abundance. It is a super performer built with AI-enabled technologies, matrices and algorithms. The application stores the details in a complex well-organized database that can be recalled any time to perform the toughest job. Staffing companies appreciate the application for speed and versatility and ordering queries to get replies in seconds. The application is made exclusively for QuickBooks and can be integrated as soon as you subscribe for CONSULT.

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