Get Paid Faster with Personalized Invoices

If you are managing an IT staffing business, you will have known there is a broad range of customers whose preferences vary vastly. Not everyone will be impressed by your standard invoice layout or type. To keep your customers in good stead, you will have to make life a little livable. You can for example send a personalized invoice that customers will be eager to pay.

With 200+ invoice templates, CONSULT gives IT staffing companies a broad option of invoice layouts that can be further customized and made compliant to meet their exacting needs. It can be anything from making it larger, recasting the content, making the text machine readable to making them digital-processing compatible.

What to Personalize?

The first thing that anyone will want to personalize is the company’s logo – you give special effects like a shadow effect for example. Your QuickBooks logos can be given special effects and you can also personalize with a variety of fonts, sizes and effects.

Next comes the way you want the layout to be – deciding the invoice number, addresses, consultants, subcontractors, hourly-rate info, unit cost and amount; timesheet entries, unpaid past dues, past-invoice errata and so many other information that you want to convey in your invoice.

Placeholder for the Timesheet

If your timesheet is small and only has a minimum number of entries, then you may include it as a running text in the invoice page itself. However, this is not always the case most often. In some instances, you will be left grappling with a huge amount of text to accommodate and too little space with little scope for adding a page or two. Herein comes our large collection of (200+) templates. You can experiment with the collection and then decide what suits to meet your essential requirements.

No two invoices in our template will be the same; expect each of the 200+ templates to be unique and serve a variety of requirements. You can also choose from landscape or portrait invoice samples and personalize them.

Fit and Forget Personalization

You can get a personalization done and keep a collection of invoice samples. You don’t have to be stuck with one design; just keep rotating between the different personalized invoices and give your business a fresh new look every few days.

You can set a personalization as a template too and recycle it for different customers, so that you will never run out of a special theme.

Benefits of Personalization

The first benefit of personalization is giving your business a unique touch and feels that others cannot duplicate. Your brand will be instantly recognized and the familiarity factor will help you to get more business.

The second benefit is you will be able to use your logo for building trust and winning new customers.

CONSULT is an add-on for QuickBooks that IT staffing businesses find 100% context-perfect for their invoicing essentials. It has a full range of enhancements that you won’t find in QuickBooks. It is the most cost-effective invoicing solution that you can include to empower higher productivity and improve your current ROI.

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