Generate Accurate Invoices Instantaneously

In the IT staffing industry, invoicing plays a paramount role. It is a complicated process and can take a long time to process through traditional manual methods

Not only is manual invoicing a little cumbersome but also prone to errors. There are many areas in invoicing where even an experienced accountant can go wrong. Going wrong means reworking and reworking means more time for an invoice and more time per invoice means higher out go on accountant salary and more accountant salary means drop in profits.

Have you not wished that invoicing were easier stuff to do and less prone to errors? Yes, IT staffing business owners want invoicing done faster and more accurately so that payments are not held back by customers. Essentially what IT staffing companies want is: a method to generate accurate invoices instantaneously with zero-defect tolerance in invoice content.

The CONSULT® Advantage

Manual invoicing does not lend itself well to fast-paced invoicing nor to accuracy. IT staffing companies are beginning to understand that accounting automation tools such as QuickBooks need enhancements for complex invoicing. Speed plays an important role when staffing companies have to raise multiple invoices on the same day. This is an achievable objective and small and mid-size IT staffing companies now have CONSULT® to make invoices instantaneously.

The biggest advantage that accrue in CONSULT® driven QuickBooks online accounting solution is that all invoicing data is updated as and when an event occurs. For example, if one of the consultants had seconds before revised a timesheet, it will immediately reflect in the invoice. Likewise the QuickBooks online feeds CONSULT® latest information about unpaid customer bills to send reminders automatically at designed intervals until it has been paid.

Generating Invoices in Minutes

Most of the time, generating an invoice in CONSULT® invoice automation solution for IT staffing is a matter of few keystrokes. It can then be emailed to the customer in PDF format or used for printing hard copies.

Invoicing is instant in CONSULT® because accountants don’t have to wait to update their data – it is either available in QuickBooks or processed by CONSULT® for processing it into an invoice. The entire process takes very little time helping businesses to save money and increase profits.

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