Create Impeccable Invoices for Instant Payments

If you are in the IT staffing business – probably you are, I don’t have to tell you how important writing an impeccable invoice is. Shoddily written invoices seldom get paid; they are too often returned to be replaced with a clear copy to be considered for payment. This is true for both digital copies (PDF) as well as manually written.

Writing an invoice (of course on a computer) is an unenviable task and accountant desist it mostly for multiple reason. Whatever the reason, an invoicing is an important function in the accounts department. Every invoice is expected to be accurate and compliant with customer expectation. Specifications can vary from customer to customer and your accountant will be expected to comply with those meticulously lest it is denied payment.

Problems with Creating Invoices

Even an expert invoice writer can fall prey to writing a defective invoice; he can go wrong with calculations, send it to a wrong address, forget to include an eligible discount, fail to annex timesheet evidence, forget to incorporate a project midway contract amendment or ignorantly charge less and cause loss to the staffing company.

There is simply no way to check the accuracy of invoices that accountants write, except making an audit. This can cause delay and more expenses.

Taming the Invoicing Process

You can put an end to all practical difficulties inherent to manual invoicing in a single step – automate invoicing processes through use of software. To be effective the software must be compatible with the popular accounting automation QuickBooks online solution.

A popular invoicing automation solution that IT staffing-business customers trust for producing impeccable invoices is CONSULT® made especially for integration with QuickBooks online. This way you can take advantage of QuickBooks and CONSULT® features to make it an awesome invoicing tool. It offers a total ecosystem for error-free invoices, ease of operation and a magical effect on your invoicing team’s morale. Never again your customers refuse to pay your bill due to errors.


CONSULT® is a versatile invoicing tool that minimizes human attention and increases accuracy of invoices. It captures the latest data from QuickBooks and uses CONSULT data in the invoicing process. You are guaranteed 100% accuracy of invoices. There are dozens of other features that you can use for A/R processing too.

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