Does Cloud Accounting Help Businesses during Pandemic Times?

The current pandemic is one of the worst to strike humankind ever since the dawn of civilization. At no point of time in history have so many lives been lost and so many challenges been thrown on the medical fraternity. The response from businesses, particularly the medical industry is fantastic; in less than a year, dozens of medical research institutions around the world have got into action and succeeded in finding a vaccine against the dreaded Covid 19 virus.

Cloud computing is one of the many technologies that has helped humans fight against shutting down businesses by providing vital connectivity between employees and offices. Cloud technologies are finding the best uses in applying this technology to empower employees to work from and protect themselves from the dreaded virus. IT staffing employees, notably the accounting department employees are able to work remotely and keep productivity at its best level. For many, it is as if nothing wrong has happened at all.

Cloud Accounting Benefits during Pandemic

Here are few ways in which cloud technologies help run businesses efficiently and beat the onslaught of the pandemic.

Cloud Technology in Timesheet Submission

Cloud technology has helped IT staffing firms to do away with the manual timesheet submission method. Cloud-based CONSULT, an invoicing automation solution helps hundreds and thousands of consultants to submit their timesheets without having to travel to post offices or take the trouble to prepare a chart and email it. With the solution, consultants and subcontractors can directly log into the application and enter all the details.

Direct submission with credentials is not only safe but also offers convenience and an error-free environment that helps businesses to totally eradicate invoicing mistakes. It saves a lot of time.

Cloud Technology in AR Processing

Cloud technology has made AR not only simpler but also less cumbersome. AR processing executives use CONSULT for bill submission and reminders without having to use mail services and endanger the possibility of postal employees and customers. It works faster and is also more effective. The application is used to automate the customer reminding process systematically. It helps staffing businesses to bring down travel risks to a minimal level and swap the saved time for focusing on core functions of the AR team.

Cloud Technology Helps Multiple Hardware Types

CONSULT is a multi-device compatible, cloud-based, invoicing automation tool specially made for integration with QuickBooks. Once it is integrated with the tool, you can enhance all IT staffing related features of accounting software – choose one of the 200+ included invoice templates, receive timesheets directly, automate customer reminder for payment, analyze payment histories of customers, use it for new customer acquisition, archive transaction, protect from accidental money transfers and increase productivity at least by 5X.

Multi-hardware compatibility makes it possible for employees to work from their homes or while on the move. IT staffing firms are already taking advantage of CONSULT’s robust features and utility to keep productivity at 100% level even as they provide a safe platform for employees to protect themselves and the community from falling victims to the world’s worst ever pandemic.

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