What’s your business strategy to Improve Cash Flow in 2021?

Humanity has once again proved its resilience by showing extraordinary grit in fighting the pandemic. It is interesting to know that businesses are setting new goals for their organizations and the IT staffing industry is also bracing up to meet new challenges this year. As things stand, automation is the top priority here – especially in accounting. Top IT staffing companies are already embracing invoicing automation for convenience, accuracy, productivity, profitability, and in accounts receivable processes.

At the beginning of 2019, we started to work on a long time demand from the IT staffing businesses for a QuickBooks compliant add-on focused on automating the invoicing and accounts receivables processes in the industry, and thus we developed CONSULT® to meet the exacting demands of the IT staffing industry. It has become an instant hit and has helped achieve business goals for many in this line of activity.

How CONSULT® Helps in Achieving Goals?

Here are 2 goals you can set and use CONSULT® to achieve them with minimum effort.

  • Make your invoices dispatch-perfect with CONSULT® and get customers to pay it within the timeframe agreed upon. Some of the reasons for a rejected invoice include: wrong calculations, non-compliance with invoicing standards, incorrect timesheets, addressed to wrong departments, failure to incorporate contractual changes (agreed upon), discounts, and delayed invoice receipts.

    With CONSULT® invoice automation, your A/R process is guaranteed to be smooth sailing – you get freedom from wrong calculations, delayed dispatches, and rejections due to inaccuracies. Well-crafted invoices are easy to process and customers readily pay – it incentivizes you to prefer paying your invoices promptly over others.

  • Empower your invoicing team with CONSULT® and see productivity go up. CONSULT® was made to lessen the burden on accountants so that they have more time to focus on core responsibilities.

    Unlike in manual processing where the accountant depends on physically copying information in the QuickBooks application and collating with timesheet submission paper copies from consultants and subcontractors for generating invoices, CONSULT® captures information automatically and generates 100% accurate and dispatch-ready invoices.

Improve Cash Flow in 2021 and achieve higher profits. The benefit of using CONSULT® automation is that your dependence on manual endeavors comes down rapidly – reduced paper filing, remote timesheet submissions, pre-programmed reminder for unpaid invoices, mail-free ecosystem, and reduced paper consumption (and time too).

Improved cash flow helps you automate vendor management processes dramatically with CONSULT®. You will not only be able to pay vendors on time but also ensure that invoices are not paid twice or money is transferred wrongfully.


CONSULT® is delivered to users as a SaaS application that can be integrated with QuickBooks in a click. Users can manage data directly within CONSULT®. Information such as consultant hourly rates, allowable discounts, timesheet submission, contractual hourly rate changes, modifications to contracts are all synchronized with QuickBooks Online in real-time. When it is time for dispatching invoices, accountants can generate and send them by email and follow up for payments consistently with the automated reminder feature.

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