Brand your business well with Client-specific Invoice templates

There are many unexpected resources in CONSULT® that IT staffing companies can use for promoting their businesses. One of the top resources that you can put to best use is the 200+ invoices templates to give a unique identity that will make customers remember your business. Every template included in the invoice has a charm of its own and you can experiment with each to zero in on the one that customers will associate your business with the design.

What is in an Invoice?

For many businesses, their invoice is a reminder of the quality of work that was done. A well laid out invoice containing all relevant information in an easy to read format is a joy for the accountant who will be processing it. The fonts must be clean, legible and should not distract the reader. Inappropriate fonts (the so called fancy fonts are not for invoices) can send a negative impression about your organization and make it look clownish. The foremost point to remember about an invoice is the fonts used in it.

The next important thing in the invoice is the layout. The layout should be such that the critical information you convey in the invoices standout clearly from the rest of the text. The total for example is an important piece of information that has to stand out clearly. This is the information that the reader will want first – all other information; address, date, recipient, categorization, orientation all come only next. Should you make a mistake here, you will create a bad impression about your organization and your invoice will go into the back burner and might get delayed for payment.

The third factor in invoices is in the way you sequence content. Though you may want to be innovative and do a little experimenting, don’t generally disturb established convention. You should remember that the reader is expecting important information at the right places. Why not keep to conventional practices if that is what customers want?

Including Annexure and Documents

If you have noticed, the invoices that you receive in small stores may be so small that you will hardly be able to read them or keep them safe for audit. It may be that the stakeholders don’t attach much importance to it; but not so in the IT staffing business invoices that will have significant annexure to it. It can be: a contract copy, a recent version of the latest pricing change agreement, a change in billing cycle or a request for a special compliance.

The reason why CONSULT® offers so many templates is for you to experiment and choose the best that fits your business’ personality and image. You can assign a particular invoice template to designated customers so that they feel comfortable.

Every template in CONSULT® is unique and you can use one for each of the customers. The choice of a template depends on the volume of information you want in the invoice and the compatibility of the design. With 200+ templates to experiment with, it shouldn’t be difficult to have a unique design for each customer.

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