The Best accounting automation tool used by staffing companies in 2021

Due to the high level of sophistication in IT staffing company invoicing processing, there is an extensive demand for accounting automation tools. 2021 is a watershed year for IT staffing firms because they are taking to invoicing automation in a big way. As the industry’s level of complexity has grown by leaps and bounds, the demand for more features is rising.

IT staffing companies are demanding 100% accounting automation in the following core areas of operation: remote consultant timesheet submission, unattended invoice categorization for tax purposes, multi numbering system for bills (invoices), scheduled automatic invoice generation and dispatch, a good collection of invoice templates, A/R process automation, automated scheduled reminder services and full integration compatibility with QuickBooks. These demands are just the tip of the iceberg; there are so many other features that IT staffing companies want to be integrated into their QuickBooks environment.

Launched 2 years earlier, CONSULT has emerged as the most preferred QuickBooks compatible software for the IT staffing firms. It not only meets the exacting demands of the staffing businesses but even far outstrips expectations 5X times. It is today the industry standards for invoicing for staffing providers. By integrating CONSULT to QuickBooks, firms are able to increase productivity by as much as 400% and accuracy rates to 100%.

What makes CONSULT such a great application for accounting automation is the integration that can be achieved in minimum time. It is just like hopping into the driver’s seat and driving at breakneck speed. Staffing firms also like the extensive range of features it offers, each enhancing QuickBooks capabilities 4X to 10X times. Everything is so accurate and operating so intuitive that your accountants will not want to give up.

Here are a few features (remember we said “just the tip of the iceberg”) that make CONSULT Invoice Automation Software a fantastic accounting tool.

1.    Automated multi-device, remote timesheet submission with password protected authentication – your consultants will benefit because the person can make submissions with the ‘pause and continue’ feature. There is no paperwork involved – it is all digital, safe and secure.

2.    Automatic timesheet matching with customer reports – cuts down invoicing time, because it eliminates long waiting time where the firm sets a printed copy (or PDF email) and waits for the customer’s response. Everything can be digitally achieved with precision.

3.    Automated VMS – protects your firm from making an accidental second payment for the same invoice. Likewise you can protect the firm accidentally skipping a few important claims or an incentive for which they qualify.

Behind CONSULT’s major success with IT staffing business is the technology – AI and complex algorithms and matrices give it a lead over any other software that mostly delivers only piecemeal solutions. 

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