How CONSULT – Invoicing Automation can be beneficial for IT Staffing Industry

CONSULT® was conceptualized and developed to provide an all-encompassing automation invoicing tool for IT staffing companies that use QuickBooks online for account automation. It is offered as cloud-based SaaS software that can instantly and fully be integrated with QuickBooks. The software offers users extensive benefits including: time saving and increase in profits.

Save time, Increase Profits

CONSULT - Invoicing Automation for IT Staffing Industry

Saving time with CONSULT® Automation for Invoicing

  • You can consolidated all your invoicing documents in a single place (CONSULT®) and stop your accountants from looking around for timesheet submission, consultant, subcontractors contracts, billing cycle (monthly/fortnightly/weekly) information, amended contracts if any, permissible discounts, past dues unpaid, last invoice lookup, billing address and any other relevant information to complete the invoicing process. Typically, accountants can expect to save anything from 10 minutes up to hours; it all depends on how well the accounting department is organized.
  • You can receive all timesheets on time by keeping a close tab on timesheet submissions by consultants and subcontractors. The software makes it possible to consolidate delinquent consultants and send them reminders until the recipients have responded positively. There are several options such as sending a monthly/fortnightly/weekly or daily reminder depending on the urgency. The advantage is that the billing accountant will not miss the customer bills payment cycle. The benefit is your cash flow situation will be favorable.
  • You can automate Accounts Receivable processing with CONSULT® and send invoices by email in PDF file format automatically. It will not only save the time it normally takes to send it by mail but also make it easy for customers to receive and store the document for automatic vendor processing in a VMS. The need to remember dates for sending invoices is fully eliminated – CONSULT® will automatically process invoices for the day and deliver it to your customers without you even asking for it. It saves time on: dispatching, physically writing an invoice and mailing it.

Translating Saved Time into Profits

Time is money in modern times: your accountants and bookkeepers; your consultants and subcontractors are all paid for their time. Using your employees’ critical knowledge rather than making them do mundane jobs not only tires them, but also opens the gate for unintended errors in invoices that you send to your customers that get bounced back.

Empowering your invoicing team with invoice automation tools like CONSULT® will result in higher productivity and bigger profits because it is all about saving time and bringing in accuracy in the invoicing systems in IT staffing companies.

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