How A/R automation benefits the staffing industry invoicing process?

The principal objective of automating invoicing is to ensure that they are accurate, meet the exacting standards of customer requirements, and get paid faster by submitting invoices on time. Briefly, the entire endeavor from the start of dispatching an invoice to receive payment may be called A/R processing. Any misadventure in generating invoices, such as a delay or error will cause a string of problems for the A/R team, leading to delayed payments and poor cash flow in the organization.

A/R problems strike organizations that still hang to the old manual methods of writing invoices. Though most IT staffing companies (our focus) nowadays use QuickBooks for accounting purposes, the fact is that for achieving total efficiency in A/R, the firm has to adopt a viable invoicing automation tool such as CONSULT to be prepared to face the challenges in receiving payments faster.

Accurate Invoice with CONSULT AR Automation

When you use CONSULT, you don’t have to give up QuickBooks; you can continue by integrating with the invoicing automation tool. The advantage is you get the best of both worlds – a highly reputed accounting software and an exclusive invoicing automation tool that enhances the working of QuickBooks and its features by several times. The reason to choose CONSULT is that it has the same familiar touch and feel as QuickBooks, that not even a veteran accountant will discover.

Here is a simple example that provides QuickBooks the extra empowerment to make life easy for accountants working on invoicing in staffing companies. If you have ever put yourself in an invoicing accountant’s place, you will have known how complex timesheet processing and auditing can get. You will have to, before the invoicing starts, determine the consultants’ place of domicile, the project (or projects) on which he is working (some do work simultaneously on multiple projects), assign tax category to which his state belongs, and many other data references that need cross-checking.

With so many input data to take into consideration, preparing invoicing manually in the IT staffing business doesn’t make sense at all: you can go wrong at many places by applying the wrong billing rate, improper discounts, fail to claim consultants’ perks, and ultimately even miss a few consultants’ name in the ultimate that you send to your customers. It shouldn’t be working this way – these are processes that should be assigned to software like CONSULT that will perform like a superstar.

CONSULT Invoice Automation Software is for IT staffing companies that want to make life easy for accountants and A/R processors; and improve the firms’ productivity, profitability and overall give it a streamlined cash flow advantage.

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