How to Hire the Right Employee? Avoid These 7 Hiring Mistakes

In the IT staffing business, hiring is a bit different than hiring for a conventional business. Staffing firms have to take extra efforts to ensure that the hire has all the desirable qualities and qualifications that fit their customer’s expectations. We say ‘extra efforts’ because the recruiter has to first study the job requirements and then make an evaluation of the talents’ fitness-level for the job.

Though most often the customer will clearly define the job requirements, chances are you might not grasp the consequences of making a wrong hiring decision. In the IT staffing business, agreements are often in favor of the customers and they can if necessary reject and request a replacement for the hire. In these types of situations, you might end up having lost time and money, and loss of reputation sometimes.

invoice automation for staffing industry

By avoiding the following 7 pitfalls, your IT staffing business can come around the hiring process problems.

1.    Do not use vague job descriptions; keep them clear and accurate to the point. Avoid unwanted verbose and keep hovering on the qualities that are important for the job. Revisit those customers who regularly (check your CONSULT database for clue) order services from you and see what they expect from your consultant talents.

2.    Do not hire a consultant who is not tech savvy and is not willing to relocate as per project requirements. Since your staffing firm will be using invoice automation solutions such as CONSULT for invoicing and they will be required to directly load timesheet data directly, a technically inclined hire willing to learn and adapt to your requirement should be preferred.

3.    Do not hesitate to log in to your CONSULT software and see what types of consultants have raked in big profits and what kinds have caused you much embarrassment. Use the data available in the software to prepare a questionnaire. As a rule never guess a question and keep on delving deeper into it – you will only get the same reply that will hardly help.

4.    Don’t rush with your work as if there is no tomorrow. Take your time to decide whether the candidate will fit your expectations and whether he will stay with your firm for a long time. Hiring is an expensive process that is avoidable.

5.    Don’t broaden your search that will encourage those without the right qualification to apply. Throwing your dragnet too wide will not help because you will be spending a lot of your time shortlisting only to get confused. For example, if hiring a consultant domiciled in a particular state will give you tax advantages when billing your customer, make it a primary point when all other qualifications are equal. You can use CONSULT to find out the tax benefits that accrue from hiring in particular states.

6.    Don’t hesitate to ask for references and check the candidate’s credentials. Remember that you are hiring candidates who will be working for your customer’s business. If your customer discovers something undesirable about the hire, it can reflect on your reputation too.

7.    Don’t forget the cultural-fit part of the hire. Remember that not even the brightest and best qualified will fit if he cannot merge with your firm’s culture and practice. A hire who fits well will improve productivity and will be willing to learn and enrich your IT staffing firm. 

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