Automated Multi-Discount Management for Seamless Invoicing Accuracy

Winning and retaining customer loyalty in the IT staffing industry can be really a difficult thing to achieve. Good quality of service, promptness and discounts can not only help businesses to retain existing customers’ loyalty but also help to foray into uncharted areas for finding new customers. Offering a discount is one of the many ways of winning new business, but offering multi-discount rates can really take your business to great heights.

Offering a discount is not an easy job; it is tricky and if not properly formulated, your organization can easily lose a lot of money without gaining any reciprocal advantage. Discounts, whether multi-discount or a straight discount must be properly planned and technical viability assessed before making an offer to the customer.

As he name says, multi-discount is a kind of offering of a series of discounts based on the customer’s utility for furthering your own staffing business potentials in the immediate future. In short, you will be forgoing some revenue for a bigger return in the future, either from the customer directly or from a referral he makes. Calculating the real benefits requires a deep study of complex offering models.

There are hundreds of types of discounts your organization can offer theoretically: discount for a future increase in business volume; increased order for high-tech big-value consultants; on-going projects that can bring repute and fame; and project participations that can potentially place your business as a top notch player in the IT staffing industry.

Without a tool like CONSULT (Invoicing software) offering a multi-discount offer for winning business can be extremely hard and not to say the 20X time you will have to spend when you decide to go about doing it manually and still go wrong. On the other hand the software will take little time to work out a multi-discount formula that you can count upon for accuracy and originality. No two customers are the same and making a standardized offer will only result in too high a giveaway without any gain.

What Makes CONSULT a Great Discount Calculation Tool?

CONSULT Invoicing Software was developed by financial experts from the IT staffing industry who understand the dynamics of the business inside out. They know what each offering (discount) will produce the best outcome if a customer accepts. At the core of the tool is a tried and tested algorithm that allocates some percentile points for each discount and the resultant benefits that will flow back within a timeframe.

Using CONSULT is not rocket science; it delivers based financial data that it gets from QuickBooks and interpolates its own database to calculate the maximum discount limitations that makes scientific sense.

With CONSULT you can study different (real-time or mockup) invoices and use QuickBooks to create a mockup balance sheet to see how profits move over a given timeframe. Your mockup invoices help you arrive at an appropriate discount model solution that will stop your company from unwittingly slipping into the red for recklessly applying discounts without a sound reasoning to it.

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