Are you occupied sending email reminders to employees for timesheets?

It is not uncommon for consultants and subcontractors to forget to send their timesheets on time. Since timesheets are often required by the staffing company toward the end of the billing cycle for the purpose of generating customer invoices, some consultants tend to treat it casually and procrastinate till the last due date.

In manual timesheet submission methods, consultants prepare the timesheet on paper in a prescribed format and then mail it to the staffing company office (sometimes consultants might use email instead of mail – a step better). This can potentially cause a few days of delay. Little consultants understand that the timesheets they submit are extremely important in preparing the invoice for sending it to customers. Little we need to tell business managers about the consequences of delayed invoices.

The problem with preparing a conventional type timesheet is that it is done on paper and has to be done on a daily basis with all the information required. Since delinquent consultants tend to take the matter lightly they don’t dispatch timesheets on time. Accountants who understand the importance have to constantly remind consultants about a delayed or impending timesheet submission. This way of operating is a sheer waste of time – a better way to do it is to automate the process so that accountants can keep track of all timesheets receipts in their computers.

Automated timesheet submission is an essential feature of all invoicing automation software and it is also available in CONSULT add-on for QuickBooks. Here are a few benefits that CONSULT gives its users for timesheet management.

  • A clear format can be defined to make it easy for consultants to enter data. Further, the data entered can be validated before it is used in the invoicing process.
  • Use of paper is eliminated – timesheets can be received digitally and directly in the CONSULT environment without the need to retype the submission.
  • Consultants can be encouraged to make timesheet submission with their mobile devices. CONSULT is a cloud-based SaaS making it perfect for remote submission and validation.
  • Since timesheets are in digital format within the CONSULT environment and CONSULT is an add-on for QuickBooks, the timesheet data can be used for processing consultant and subcontractor payments also.
  • Since all entries and validation are done by computers, the work burden on the accounting department is also reduced vastly – makes audits simpler and easier to achieve.
  • Data remains safe – all submissions are in digital form without any human intervention – businesses are assured of a secured environment in which the possibility of a dishonest employee misusing the system is reduced.

IT staffing companies find CONSULT useful when they have to send reminders. The software will automatically ensure that reminders are sent based on the criteria you set. In the CONSULT dashboard, you can keep track and send alerts to consultants to avoid delayed submissions. The timesheet submission process can be fine-tuned so that consultants can consider making daily submissions and avoid last-minute hassles.

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