5 Tips for creating IT Staffing specific invoices in QuickBooks?

Preparing an invoice in an IT staffing company has its own nuances. An accountant not accustomed to preparing bills for staffing companies might feel like a fish out of water until he has completed preparing a few bills manually. Since a majority of IT staffing companies will be using QuickBooks, they will at first feel a bit confused; it is understandable but can be mastered after a few days of experience.

It is pertinent to note that QuickBooks’ invoicing proficiency does not meet the caliber that staffing company invoicing demands. The possibility of a new accountant grappling hard with facts, figures and numbers are simply too high. To help them out we have listed below 5 tips that can help them overcome any difficulty. We strongly recommend that accountants consider integrating CONSULT with QuickBooks to speed up the invoicing process.

Now read the tips:

  • Use the CONSULT’s timesheet rather than entering timesheet information directly into QuickBooks. The advantage you will get is the high-level of features related to timesheet entries: remote consultant login and timesheet entry; part by part entry; remote entry with handheld devices and predefined formats that can be easily adapted to individual comfort level.
  • Set up CONSULT to send alerts or reminders if your consultant has not made a timesheet submission on the day he is expected to have done. This will bring down timesheet delinquency dramatically. It is common knowledge that consultants are busy and that on a day of busy schedule they have forgotten to carry out a routine work. It helps your consultants as much as you.
  • If you have a multi-format numbering system for your invoices, then, you can make use of CONSULT’s multi numbering format to keep track of all the invoices you have generated. If you have diverse levels of consultants and subcontractors and multi-location projects on which your consultants are working then this feature should come handy for you.
  • Use the automated email invoice dispatch feature. It will save you from the missed-invoice problems that many staffing companies face for no fault of theirs.
  • Preload CONSULT with data that is important for calculating discounts and offering special incentives. You can also program the application to send customer reminders as per norms you set.

[For those who are not familiar with CONSULT, here is a brief rundown of the software and the benefit it offers IT staffing in performing complex invoicing processes – CONSULT® is a proprietary add-on application specifically developed for the IT staffing companies. IT staffing companies can integrate the application with their QuickBooks accounting software and enhance many features to meet the highest standards of invoicing in the staffing industry.CONSULT is offered as a cloud-based SaaS and hence is a device independent application that can be integrated easily. The software has multiples of features each that you will not find in QuickBooks. In fact CONSULT was created to enhance or complement QuickBooks features in the invoicing process. Though primarily intended for invoicing, once you start to use you will find its rich features a great way of cutting expenses and achieving greater ROI on all your investments.]

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