5 Benefits of integrating QuickBooks with CONSULT for A/R Automation

CONSULT is a force multiplier for QuickBooks that IT staffing companies can use for A/R automation, generating automated invoices, and streamlining VMS operations. CONSULT offers multiples of benefits: receive consultants’ timesheet submissions from remote locations, automate A/R reminders, and many other features that increase QuickBooks performance for IT Staffing business.

Here are 5 features that IT staffing companies will find immensely beneficial by integrating CONSULT with QuickBooks for increasing productivity, profitability, reputation, invoicing accuracy, and streamlining cash flow.

  1. Use the financial data in QuickBooks to generate easy-to-read invoices that customers can readily process payments. CONSULT offers 200+ IT-staffing-specific invoices to build a unique brand image for your company. You can send the generated invoices by email and save lots of time. The advantage for your accountant is that he or she is saved from the trouble of manually copying data from QuickBooks and then creating an invoice. You can expect 100% accuracy.

    Accurate invoices ensure that it receives top priority in the customer’s payment process.

  2. Locate delinquent customer accounts with a backlog of unpaid invoices and automatically send reminders. When customers habitually don’t pay or delay payments, your cash flow will be affected adversely. CONSULT can regularly send reminders based on information available in QuickBooks. It reduces the time your collection team spends on calling or sending emails.

    IT staffing companies use the CONSULT’s feature for prioritizing customers and granting appropriate discounts automatically.

  3. Meet the standards set by your customers for invoices. Invoices are important documents on which customers rely on paying you. You can expect faster payments when it is friendly and meets the specifications that they set. CONSULT’s invoice generation standards are compliant with IT staffing companies’ requirements that make processing your invoices simpler and easier for getting paid on time.

    There are many other things that you can do; such as including a timesheet and incorporating a revised midway contractual obligation.

  4. Set a time for generating invoices and avoid delayed dispatches. Accountants are busy professionals and when they are burdened, they are likely to overlook the preparation and sending invoices. With CONSULT and QuickBooks integrated, you can automate the invoicing process based on a date you set. CONSULT will automatically prepare the invoice on the set date and dispatch it. This feature not only saves time but also ensures that no invoice is missed due forgetfulness of the bill preparer.

  5. Reduce the cost of generating invoices by combining QuickBooks and CONSULT. CONSULT is designed for exclusive use by integrating with QuickBooks to give IT staffing companies the benefits of reduced operating costs. Since every operation, starting from invoicing to finally getting paid is automated; the need for human intervention is vastly reduced even as the level of accuracy goes up.

    IT staffing companies can operate with a lean team and yet increase productivity. Increased productivity means higher profits and a positive reputation among customers.

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